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Thursday 15th August 2013,

Hi my first entry.

Well today I’ve just been looking on Ebay trying to find a good graphic print dress not really fussed about the style of the dress. Something that will stand out against minimal accessories. But then I stumbled across graphic tees with printed cats on the front. And now I am obsessed currently in a bid to get this tee which looks likes it could almost give me mystical powers!

Monday 19th August 2013,



Leather skirt & sheer shirt -Both Primark

Night out outfit 

Saturday 31st August 2013,

I thought I’d would show all my outfit of the day very simple but the statement necklace makes it all come together. You’ve got to have a good book to read and I’ve just started reading Game of Thrones (action right from the start). As you can see I can resist a bit of Primark, I find there clothes so versatile and generally cheap. But do remember that they clothes don’t always have a good fit and are not made to last, but overall an all round good buy!

Block heels – Primark, £16

Jumper – Charity shop, £2.95

Statement necklace – sister’s

Leather skirt – Primark, £6

Sunglasses – Primark, £2

Monday 2nd September 2013,

I bought Glamour September issue and I particularly love the spread on pink being the ‘IT’ colour of the season. I just thought it was perfect and I should share it as I am so excited about getting my pink double breasted winter coat from Zara. I’m not crazy about pink, but after viewing the spread I’m conceived that I’m a pink girl at heart. 


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